Things That You Never Expect On Chocolate Moulding Machine.

Model: MM08 8kgs ability 435x510x480mm 300 watts. If one wants to produce the cubes the machine flips within the mold, vibrates it, and brings it back into its initial position. On this kind of machine we recommend the combination of a TANK200 / 400 kg with level sensor to cater to the high efficacy of the machine. This sort of molding machines is also convenient as the foundation for an automatic enrobing line for complete automated coating of chocolates or truffles.

Equipped with a vibrating table, a mixer and a varying rate moulding wheel to control the flow debit, this system will allow any confectioner to conserve a lot chocolate tempering machine of labor time. The smallest device can handle up to 15 kg chocolates and can be utilized as a joint table high melter, tempering and molding device.

Supplier of Food Processing & Packaging Machinery also Trade in Food Additives & Food Packaging Materials. Obviously the chocolate spilled during the turning is automatically guided into the tank of the tempering machine. Our team of highly skilled British engineers complete the production process ensuring all equipment is CE compliant, and ready for many years of dependable production in your factory.

Automated loader for filling and vibration of polycarbonate molds capable of producing hollow and solid bodies. Easy to use and to keep the 30 pound molding machine supplies a top quality because of its worth. The machine should work in conjunction with a TOP EX tempering machine. Fully assemble of stainless steel and equipped with accurate electronic elements, the moulding machines ensure continuous productivity.

The comprehensive system has extremely compact dimensions without sacrificing productivity: about 6 moulds / minute for chocolate cubes and strong bodies. With this type of machine we recommend the combo of a TANK200 / 400 kg with level sensor to cater to the high productivity of this machine. This system allows the operator to select between two types of unique procedures after the filling of the mold during the perforated shooter plate.

The base system is subsequently imported into the united kingdom for the last part of this construct in our 23,000 sq ft manufacturing facility. Automated loader for filling and vibrating polycarbonate molds and generation of solid bodies only. The Loynds One Shot Moulding Machine is for the creation of both solid and centre-filled chocolate solutions.

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